Many people, when asked, what destination they would choose if they came to Vietnam, answer that it must be Hanoi. As you might know already, Hanoi lies alongside Hong river, one of the most beautiful rivers in Vietnam. Recently nominated as one of a few thousand years old capital cities, Hanoi holds many traditional heritages that would amaze you.

Below are some places I suggest you to visit once you land on Hanoi.

The restaurant and hotel chains

In Hanoi, you can find your own Vietnam restaurant (in Vietnamese: nha hang Ha Noi or Quan ngon Ha Noi) that offers tons of tasty foods. Once you get there, get ready to be surprised with tons of delicious foods and menus there.

There are so many unusual foods that you might haven’t tasted before. I can name you some of them: fried scorpions, satay frog… And if you’re a fan of “Pho” you will have plenty of places serving that delicious noodles. One notable thing about the hotels and restaurants in Hanoi is, they all have strong Asian interior decoration products. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to have some good dishes.

Have you visited the Old Quarter yet?

One of the most exciting place to visit when you come to Hanoi is the Old Quarter. This part of the city has 36 old streets in total. And each one of them specialized in one traditional craft long time ago. But you can still find many interesting things there if you want to buy some gifts.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

This place is the place where ‘Uncle Ho’ – the great father of Vietnam – lying. His body has been placed and protected by guards here for a long time. And to people in Vietnam, it’s a great honor to have the permission to come and see him. If you want to take a visit to meet Uncle Ho, you better act like other Vietnamese. Be polite and show the respect.

Whatever you do on your Vietnam trip, Hanoi will definitely be one of the most memorable places that you visit.