According to many foreign visitors, the reason they visited Vietnam in their trip is because there are so many interesting places to explore there. Not only that, Vietnam is also well known for many beautiful handicraft products as well. And the best part is, they’re really great to give away as gifts after your trip to Vietnam.

The very first handicraft village in Vietnam you would want to visit is the Bat Trang ceramic village. There, you will be amazed at how many different types of ceramic products they can produce. One thing that really impressed me once before was the ceramic vases. You will easily notice that these ceramic products are not the same in design. But they share one common thing. And it’s the colorful decoration.

If you want to buy something that can be put in your kitchen so whenever you look at it, you remember Vietnam, I highly suggest you buy a hand made bamboo bowl! These bowls are made of bamboo patterns and silk to create almost all shapes of forms. The bowls with silk decoration can be a little bit more expensive. These bowls are perfect to store fruits or you can use them as a nice decoration in the living room.

Do you want to buy a great embroidered hand bag to replace your old one? If yes, then I suggest you take a look at the Vietnam taffeta silk handbag product. Just to let you know, the origin of these products is from the silk painting handicraft. Silk is not a hard material to work with. And in Vietnam, there are many craftsmen who chose silk as their primary material to produce top quality products. Normally, silk painting colors on those handbags are black and white. And they all have beautiful images on them.

And finally, I want to introduce you to the traditional decorative masks of Vietnam. They are made of wood and often get funny emotion decorations on them. The craftsmen will carve the wood by hand to make them easier to craft out the products. The next step is to use bright colors such as yellow and red to decorate them.

The above things are not all handicraft products of Vietnam. But I’m sure if you’re interested in them, you will find out more on your trip to Vietnam.