If you chose Vietnam as your tripping destination, I bet it was cause of many beautiful and peaceful sightseeing places here. Not only that, Vietnam is also well known for many beautiful handicraft products as well. And the best part is, they’re really great to give away as gifts after your trip to Vietnam.

The first place you should visit when you come to Vietnam is the Bat trang ceramic village. It’s an old handicraft village in Hanoi. In Bat trang village, you will see tons of interesting things made of ceramic. And most of them could be good giveaway gifts. Vietnam vases made of ceramic is one of my favorite products. You will easily notice that these ceramic products are not the same in design. But they share one common thing. And it’s the colorful decoration.

Have you ever heard about bamboo products of Vietnam? How about a bowl made of bamboo? The main materials used are bamboo patterns and silk so that the craftsman could shape them into any form easily. Although if you choose the products with silk, you will have to pay a little more. But I think it’s worth the price. The way you use the bowl is to decorate your kitchen or living room, or you can simply use it to store fruits.

Do you want to buy a great handbag to replace your old one? If yes, then I suggest you take a look at the Vietnam taffeta silk handbag product. And perhaps the origin of these products is from the silk painting handicraft. Silk is not a hard material to work with. That answers the question why there are many silk craftsmen all around Vietnam. You might notice that the primary colors of those hand bags are black and white. And you can easily notice them because they have beautiful decorations on them.

Decorative masks are the final things I want to show you. It’s really easy to notice them as they often have funny and colorful emotion decorations on them. The material used here is wood. The craftsmen will carve the wood by hand to make them easier to craft out the products. And lastly, the craftsmen will use colors to decorate them.

The above things are not all handicraft products of Vietnam. But I’m sure if you’re interested in them, you will find out more on your trip to Vietnam.