Have you ever been to Vietnam before? Or are you planning to take a trip there? If you’re still considering the choices then I’d like to remind you that the summer is passing by, so better be hurry. When you come to Vietnam, you will see that there are many interesting and beautiful places worth visiting.

And today, I will act as your guide to guide you through 3 noticeable cities and places in Vietnam. When you land on the country, always consider visiting these places first.

Ha Noi:

If you’re going alone or with friends, make sure you visit Ha Noi – the capital city of Vietnam first. The city is more than a thousand years old already. The lifestyle here is hectic and you can feel it when you watch the traffic flows. Besides watching the traffic jam, there are many more things you can do here. You can go exploring the streets where many Vietnam handicraft products are sold. You can visit the old quarter where many interesting and beautiful things like Vietnam embroidered handbags, and Vietnam seashell handbags are sold as gifts.

Or you can go to see the Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, a historical destination of Ha Noi. And you can also find many notable restaurants and bars here as well. If you want to taste some good foods, you should go there.


This city was once the capital of Vietnam. And you will see that it has many old and traditional buildings of the old dynasty. And this old and traditional city is also known with its wonderful cultural events being held throughout the year. With some shopping streets and many souvenir shops, you can easily buy yourself a beautiful bamboo handbag or taffeta handbag. It would be wonderful also if you visit the Hue Citadel and have a lunch at a monastery.

Ho Chi Minh City:

Whenever you go to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city is always a must-visit place. The architecture here is more westernized than any other cities of Vietnam. But you can also find many beautiful, attractive and old buildings there as well. If you want to taste the unique foods of the Southern land, many restaurants and bars here will be happy to welcome you. There are also small villages around the cities if you really want to explore the rural sites.

The above 3 cities are not all the places worth visiting in Vietnam. But I believe you will enjoy visiting them first hand.