Ha Noi, the city has celebrated its 1,000 year anniversary, is the beautiful capital of Vietnam. It is one of the oldest capitals in the world. And it’s also nominated as the capital of peace. And when you ask tourists where they want to go first when they land of Vietnam, 9 times out of 10, the answer would be Ha Noi.

Once they land on the capital, there are tons of interesting things waiting to be explored. And if you’re a foreign visitor and you want to take a tour around Ha Noi, let me share with you some places you must go to.

The very first place I suggest you to go is the Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum. I think even if you’re a foreigner, you know that Uncle Ho is the father of our nation. After he passed away, his body has been kept securely there. Although you can’t step inside the mausoleum in a particular days, you cans till walk around the square and enjoy the atmosphere. In my opinion, It’s really a good choice of visiting for people who comes to Vietnam the first time.

Another good idea you can do when visiting Ha Noi is to enjoy the atmosphere in any restaurant or bar here. These restaurants & bars in Vietnam offer unique ways or serving and you can taste many good dishes there. Although I can show you the best Hanoi restaurants, I won’t because that will lessen the fun. You can also come to some small bars with music and chat with native people there. The people here are very friendly and they always welcome you.

The next destination will be the old quarter of Ha Noi. Ha Noi is well-known with its 36 old streets. There, you can find anything and everything you could think of when you want to buy something to give away as a gift. And many visitors who come to Vietnam really enjoy jogging around the street and taking photos of the normal life. They like it because that’s how they can experience the way Vietnamese people live.

So now you understand the way to navigate around in the first days you come to Ha Noi. If you’re adventurous enough, you will find many interesting things there to explore.