Ba Ria- Vung Tau Province, Vietnam, June 11th, 2012 – Vietnam Flour Mills Ltd (VFMVN), a company specialized in producing high quality wheat flour products in Vietnam now offering its full list of well known products. Argued to be one of the best kinds of wheat and flour products in the world, Vietnam Wheat Flour is perfect for both domestic cooking, baking and commercial exporting.

Regular consumers will be directly benefited from this sound decision as they now have access to many different choices to find out the best products for them. And it deeply resonates with the vision of the company which is “Enhancing the lives of Vietnamese consumers through producing products of superior quality at lowest costs.” “We strive to continuously improve ourselves so as to bring more benefits to the consumers and our customers,” said the president and CEO of the company.

The list of high quality flour products includes special flour for bread baking, high quality flour for making sandwich, special flour for backing vegetarian foods and more. The company’s representative also said that Vietnam Flour Mills Ltd will continue to develop more high quality products from wheat to serve the needs of customers. “We really want to become the largest flour supplier in Vietnam. And by continuously improving our technologies and product chains, we believe we can achieve the goal in a few more years from now,” said vice president of Vietnam Flour Mills Ltd.

Customers will be able to have access to vast range of quality flour products from the company in many markets and supermarkets across the country. The prices will be very reasonable thus increasing sales and revenues.

Founded in 2000, Vietnam Flour Mills Ltd also has many big and reliable business partners both local and abroad. One of those big partners is FFM Berhad from Malaysia which is also the owner of VFM. FFM Berhad supplies more than 40% of total flour requirements from Malaysia and has many mills outside the country including in Vietnam, Thailand.

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